About Us

This website is the online presence for our ‘Earth to Eating’ program in Buddha Garden community farm.   For fifteen years we have created a sustainable organic farm where our main focus has been on growing food.  The Earth to Eating program has grown out of our explorations about how to promote locally grown organic food to the community of Auroville.  It is an umbrella for a range of educational, cultural and inspirational activities.  These include various courses such as our ‘Adventures in Cooking and Eating in Buddha Garden kitchen’ and a ‘lets grow our own food’ initiative with a local school.  In the future we also intend to create more books such as ‘Eating with the Seasons’ which you can download from this website as well as the ‘Eat With the Seasons’ poster which is also available for download.  We have a range of different activities planned and as these come to fruition full details will be on this website.

Priya started Buddha Garden in 2000 and coordinates the day to day work.  Vivek joined Buddha Garden in 2005 and has been involved ever since. Together we have set up the ‘Earth to Eating’ program which grows from our initial work of creating a sustainable organic farm. 

If you would like to find out more about what we do in Buddha Garden you can go to our website www.buddhagarden.org If you have any feedback about this website or would like to contact us please do so through the website.

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