Pottukadalai Ladu from Buvana

Description / Method: 

Pottukadalai – is dry-fried channa dal, and is used in the preparation of chutneys. Rich in iron and protein, children love to eat this dhal with jaggery powder and dry coconut flakes, as a small snack.

Clean the pottukadalai & slightly heat it in a pan. Make it into smooth powder using a blender & sieve. To the powder, add jaggery & cardamom powder & thoroughly mix. In a pan heat the ghee, add broken cashew nuts and roast them slightly. Add this to the pottukadalai mix. Take a handful of this and make into balls. A delicious & nutritious desert is ready.

This is a cheap and easily digestible sweet. Very rich in protein & iron. And good for the elderly people too.


Pottukadalai      - 200 gms

Jaggery (crushed into powder)- 100 gms

Ghee              -  4 tbs

Cashew nut         -  15 nos (cut into small pieces)

Cardamom          -  6 nos (remove skin & powder)

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