cafetaria@visitors centre (Right Path Cafe)

Our aim is to offer healthy and delicious home-made food for a wide range of tastes.  We endeavor to serve food that is free of additives, artificial colourings and preservatives.  We do not serve soft drinks but have a range of fresh juices as well as our dynamised water to drink.  We source as many of our raw materials from local sources as possible and a lot of our food comes from Auroville farms or farms in the bio-region.  Every day we serve a ‘healthy plate’ consisting of a soup, main course and desert using as much local/organic food as possible.  Also available is our ‘organic plate’ consisting entirely of organic food grown locally. We run our whole operation according to organic/sustainable principles using renewable energy where possible, using appropriate technologies in our buildings and creating a waste management system that minimizes the ecological impact of our activities. 


We are open 8.00am – 9.30pm every day except Monday when we close at 5.00pm.  Lunch is served 12.15 – - 3.00pm and dinner 6.30 – 9.00pm. For more information you can phone us: (0413) 262 2248 or email


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